I am female, can X3 work for me?

People of all levels can use the X3 System! Dr. Jaquish’s mom uses it, and she is in her 80’s and only 5ft tall.

Why is the product so expensive? Its a stick and a rubber band!?

You may not know exactly what you were looking at.

The X3 is not a typical cheap home fitness product. The bar and ground plate are specially designed to hold over 500lbs of force (high strength machines steel and internal ball bearings required) to trigger tremendous muscle growth. This means the bar and ground plate are incredibly durable. They will potentially last forever. We also have a 12 week program based on extensive research. The 3 bands are made of incredibly powerful layered latex NOT molded rubber. The Ground Plate is made of marine grade high density polyethylene, and the bar is machined alloy steel with internal bearings (like an Olympic bar)

Why wouldn't I just workout with a band and forget the X3 Bar?

Just grabbing a band or stepping on a band with resistance this high will twist your wrists and ankles and cause injury at any meaningful level of force. Not the same. You can do 10 reps with a given band with the X3, if you remove the X3 (bar and plate) then attempt, you can’t do one rep without injury.

How is this different than weights?

Think about this: When you do a pushup, and your face is near the ground, its much harder than when your arms are near full extension. So if your capability is different depending on range of motion, then by definition if you lift free weights, you are selecting a weight that you can handle in the weak range which thereby will only fatigue you while engaging the LEAST amount of muscle. Dr. Jaquish’s research showed that humans can generate 7 times the force in the stronger range than in the weaker.

What are the weights of the bands?

You will be able to handle higher forces than you think as you have most likely never experienced the full capability of your strong range. Here are the specifics of each band:

  1. The light-weight band:
    1. 25 to 80lbs, then doubled over 160lbs (the band is doubled in the bent row, and chest press, but greater than that for the deadlift as the stretch is even greater)
  2. The middle-weight band:
    1. 50 to 120lbs, then doubled over 240lbs
  3. The heavy-weight band:
    1. 60 to 150lbs, then doubled over 300lbs (though as you can see the total load cell video over 400, so it depends on the band AND the movement/stretch of the band)
I'm injured, can I still use X3?

If you have any medical conditions you should ask your physician if you can safely perform exercise with X3.

What are the weight and dimensions of the bar and footplate?

The bar and the board together weight in at about 9lbs and the band set is another 3lbs on top of that. The ground plate is 19″ x 7″, and the bar is 21″ long.

Accordion Panel

In 2000, McLester et al studied experienced recreational weight trainers, producing the only data that showed more frequent training produced more results. The finding is not accurately reported in Body by Science, due to what appears to be a case of mistaken identity – summarizing the wrong paper. Fortunately, the study does show that reduced training frequency is still surprisingly effective: it produced about 60% of the strength gains from training three times more often, while maintaining overall training volume, i.e. one long workout to three shorter ones. Another study in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that training muscle groups 3 times per week showed lean body mass improved in both young and older people above the 1 time per week protocols (Kosek, et al. 2006)

I'm short (or tall), Can I use this?

The X3 is designed for use by everyone! From people who are 4’11” to Tony Robbins who is 6’7″, it all works fine. That’s why there is an array of bands, you will figure out which band to use for each movement and how it works for you.

Are there AB exercises?

While there are no ab specific exercises, research indicates that the deadlift and the front squat exercises activate the abdominal muscles more effectively than ab-specific exercises.

Will I benefit from doing ths more than once a day?

One session a day is all you need! You shouldn’t expect to see any extra gains from doing it twice a day.

So I do feel the exhaustion but I am not getting very sore from the workout. Should I feel more sore?

Soreness comes from going anaerobic, meaning contractions without properly oxygenated blood. The fatigue comes on so fast with X3, this does not happen. The process has nothing to do with growth, so it’s irrelevant. You will grow faster and not be sore.

I don't want to be a bodybuilder. Does the X3 Bar build functional strength as well as size?

The X3 is designed for everyone, not just bodybuilders! The research from which we derived the “triple your gains” slogan, shows a tripled gain in lifting ability (one rep), and did not focus on muscular size.

How do I fine tune the resistance?

Resistance is fine tuned by changing or doubling over bands. But before changing resistance, we recommend increasing reps. So if you start an exercise and find you can only do 5 reps with some bands, after a month of training you might be up to 25 reps, with the increase in rep count being the fine-tuned adjustment of the workout. Once you reach 40 reps, it will be time to move up a band. If you’re already using the heaviest band in our 3 band set, there are even heavier bands available from other sellers! The X3 actually supports a band so heavy we don’t know anyone who can do one rep with it. So the sky’s the limit once you graduate from our 3 bands!

Do you recommend this for someone with osteoporosis?

Yes, the X3 Bar can be used by people who have osteoporosis, though it will have little if any effect on building bone density. The X3 will mostly help you build strength. If you are looking to build bone density, look for an OsteoStrong location in your area.

What about incline and decline bench? What about upper lats and pulldowns? How do I hit different parts of muscles.

There is no such thing as upper and lower chest exercises… Pectorals attach at the same points on your sternum and on the humorous. A total fitness myth. This applies to all applications of “just one part” of a muscle. There is no outer quad exercise, or upper trapezius exercise either, all myth. This study details using pectorals as an example:

Glass, S.C. & Armstrong, T. (1997), Electromyographical activity of the pectoralis muscle during incline and decline bench presses. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 11, 163-167.

Do you have more before and after pictures of people who have used the X3?

We try to encourage people to look at the science and watch the podcast about the science as opposed to looking at before and after pictures. The scientific research was done by people who had no financial interest in this company or any company that makes equipment. The research was just done for learning purposes, therefore when looking at it, nobody is trying to “sell” you anything. Facebook actually doesn’t even allow before and after pictures in advertisements because many are misleading and or fraudulent. Companies can even buy before-after pictures from stock photo companies, see:



The bands seem too long. What should I do?

It’s important to keep in mind that X3 is very different from free weights. The ideal way to use it is to get between 10 and 40 reps of each exercise with a given band. If you are in this range then you are getting the benefits of X3! The point of X3 is that it will be hardest in your strongest range of motion, so as long as you are able to go to full extension for all the exercises then you will benefit! We have users from 4’11” to 6’7″ (Tony Robbins) who have had great results with their X3.

Another thing to keep in mind is that shorter people may have to use a heavier band than taller people of equivalent strength to get the same amount of resistance because there is less stretch. So you might want to try a heavier band than you’ve been using.

Why do you only need one set? Conventional wisdom says 3 sets...

Each set with X3 brings a much more complete level of fatique than compared with conventional weights. Comparisons should not be made with the number of sets. The reason multiple sets are used with regular weight is that stimulus is only delivered in the weakest range of motion when the least amount of muscle if firing. This means very little stimulus, but with X3 all ranges of motion are taken to fatigue.


How long do the bands last and is there a guaranteed lifespan of the product?

While there is no “guaranteed lifespan” for any of the components, the X3 itself (the bar and footplate) is very durable and if not abused, should never wear out. The band manufacturers estimate the bands will last 8 to 10 years. Of course, any bands that wear out can be replaced.