Isn’t keto dangerous?

Ketosis and ketoacidosis are often confused for one another, yet they are completely different.


When the body is producing ketone bodies and has transformed from using glucose to using fat for fuel, this is ketosis.  We are born in a state of ketosis and remain that way until we are given formula and/or solid food.  Breast milk is almost all fat!  During any prolonged period without eating, like when we’re sleeping, we enter ketosis.  It is literally the most natural and normal metabolic state for our bodies to be in.


Ketoacidosis occurs when the body cannot regulate ketone production, causing an accumulation of keto acids which will throw off the pH balance of the blood. Blood becomes acidic which can be a life-threatening metabolic level of toxicity.  Type-1 Diabetics who are insulin-dependent are most at risk for developing ketoacidosis (also called diabetic ketoacidosis), though prolonged alcoholism and extreme starvation may also cause this to occur.  Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs in under 1% of Type-1 Diabetics annually.


If you are a Type-1 Diabetic, alcoholic or have a history of anorexia, please consult with your doctor before attempting a ketogenic lifestyle.