So, carbs are the devil?

Absolutely not. Healthy Fats. Healthy Life! is not a “zero carb diet”. Whole food sources of carbohydrates, including those in non-starchy vegetables, seeds, nuts, certain berries, herbs, and high-quality dairy provide valuable micronutrients.  My clients are encouraged to include these whole food carbohydrates each day.


You want to know the real devil? it’s sugar.  Sugar truly destroys the body and causes life-threatening disease.  In 2016 a huge sugar industry scandal revealed that the sugar lobby sponsored a phony Harvard research study in the 1960’s to take the heat off of sugar’s role in heart disease and place it on fat.  Even before that, in 2014, researchers were able to scientifically prove that too much sugar will significantly increase the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.


Not only will sugar stop your heart, but it will also lead to fatty liver disease, leaky gut, obesity, metabolic disease, diabetes, and several forms of cancer.  Sugar can significantly increase your risk of an early and potentially very painful death.