5 Weird Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Confession time: I used to be fat. In fact, I was overweight not once… but TWICE in my life. And both times it was very uncomfortable. My clothes didn’t fit right; my blood sugar and cravings seemed like they were controlling my daily mood, and to be frank, as long as I had even a little bit of extra body fat hanging around my midsection, I just never felt comfortable in my own skin.

The first time I lost the weight, going from 225lbs down to 185lbs, I made a crucial mistake.

Yes, I dropped 40lbs of fat. But you know why I eventually gained it back?

My appetite was still controlling me. Cravings were still controlling me. And eventually, even for somebody with the most “willpower” on Earth, it’s impossible to defeat the power of a strong craving.

So, the second time I did things DIFFERENTLY. I dropped from 225lbs down to a learn, muscular 195lbs and I maintained it, and I made sure I got rid of the cause of the cravings at their core.


The little known two main biological causes of thos unstoppable food cravings are:

Micronutrient deficiencies

Blood sugar control


You see, when the body is nutrient deficient, it “craves” those nutrients because it naturally wants to correct the deficiency. These deficiencies can be corrected easily through eating a nutrient-rich diet. Easy. However, blood sugar control is NOT so simple.


We’ve all been on that blood sugar ROLLERCOASTER before. Up and down, up and down. The problem is, the blood sugar rollercoaster creates something known as “false appetite.”
Your body is not actually hungry, but you feel a compulsion to eat. More and more, you never feel satisfied, but a lot of time you just end up feel sick and disgusted with yourself that you “fell off the wagon” yet again.

I want to show you my powerful blood sugar control secret

You may be thinking that is kinda strange that eating certain foods would actually help lower your blood sugar.
However, the truth is, certain all-natural compounds in these foods are what is chiefly responsible for this powerful blood sugar regulation.
And when these compounds really start working, the pesky “false appetite” literally just disappears. Imagine how awesome that would feel to not be controlled by your blood sugar swings.
In fact, it’s so powerful that at this point, I’m back to being lean and muscular, and I can fast for long periods of time without any cravings or blood sugar drops whatsoever. All because I use the compounds from these 5 weird foods on a daily basis. Typically I take my servings of these all-natural compounds with my meals. It’s pretty simple.
Without further ado, let me show you these 5 foods that actually lower blood sugar naturally:

Oregon Grapes

Oregon grape, otherwise known as Mahonia aquifolium, is a species of grape that grows in the Northwestern United States. These grapes are naturally a very rich source of a powerful blood sugar control compound known as Berberine.
Berberine is one of the most extensively studied all natural compounds well-known to lower and control blood sugar in humans. Berberine is so effective for its anti-diabetic effects that even the top research site Examine.com exclaimed, after a full examination of 329 human studies, that “Berberine’s anti-diabetic effects rival the potency of some pharmaceuticals [like metformin].” (source)

Banaba Leaf

Banaba is a plant whose leaves have also been widely used for anti-diabetic purposes. The leaf itself contains a wide variety of helpful compounds for blood sugar control, including a compound called corosolic acid.
One human study in Type II diabetics saw incredible results with banaba leaf for blood sugar control, where as Examine.com claims “The reduction in blood glucose appeared to range from 20-30%, which is more than usually seen with dietary supplements.”


Cinnamon is super common, and tastes great. The best part about it is that it is extremely effective at regulating blood glucose levels when it’s consumed regularly.
This isn’t just an urban legend either, cinnamon’s blood sugar control properties have been well-documented in 27 unique scientific studies.
Since cinnamon powder can be difficult to eat with every meal, I recommend getting a high potency cinnamon extract for daily use.

Basil Leaf

Basil is a common herb, and is great for cooking! However, what most people don’t know about basil leaf is that it is a very rich source of an all-natural compound known as chromium. Chromium has been studied and has seen great results for blood sugar control as well.
Chromium is an essential mineral, and the body uses it for regulating insulin. When you’re deficient in chromium, the body’s insulin regulation processes can get out-of-whack, which can lead to blood sugar control issues. Getting regular chromium intake through basil or using a chromium supplement consistently can definitely help.

Beef Liver

When most people look at liver they think “yuck.” And while beef liver may not be good for vegans and vegetarians like the other things on this list, what most people don’t know about beef liver is that it is, according to the NIH, the richest known source of a compound called biotin.
Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, was shown in Type II diabetic subjects in this study to reduce serum triglycerides naturally, in as short as 28 days. This finding was replicated with another study finding a further decrease in serum triglycerides in subjects over 71 days.