Carbs can be a protein precursors

Rejoice! Perhaps carbs aren’t as bad as we thought (as long as your microbiome is up to the task). We can see if some of the starches you eat can be made into amino acids by the microbiome.

Our microbiome makes 20% of our branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) for us, and it will adapt to make these vital BCAA for us in almost any way it can.

Essentially, your microbiome is hooking up carbons and hydrogens into different formulations of BCAAs, depending on what you feed it. The microbiome is excellent at adapting and pivoting based on the food you feed it and the environment that its’ in.

So, good news; Carbs are protein precursors, as long as you have the right microbiome.


Carbs and your protein percursors