Blood Tests To Consider If Worried About Cholesterol Levels

Your Cholesterol levels such as LDL, LP(a), Apo B, Triglycerides – they will all spike.. But I would not worry too much, unless you check the followings.

If your Apo B and Lp(a) are high, make sure your GGT & Ferritin ( are low and or normal levels)

Also, consider checking the followings

  • Coronary Calcium Score (at least once a year to ensure no calcification)
  • Myeloperoxidase (MPO) ‘no soft plaque accumulating’


These would be the most accurate, if you are worried… Another thing if you did start Ketogenic Lifestyle, most of the time it does take up to 2 years to stable, because we all have gallbladder issues and we cannot emulsify fats that well..