How to Get Rid Of Acid Reflux with Natural Remedies

There’s a LOT of misinformation out there about heartburn & also antacids these days. In fact, not only are Antacids not a long term solution, but they can actually be harmful as you’ll see below. In today’s story, you’ll learn about at least few natural solutions for acid reflux & why to NOT use antacids…
It’s become almost accepted that digestive problems are ‘normal’ indigestion, constipation, and especially heartburn.So when you read a headline like ‘FDA issues dire warning about antacids’… It’s outrageous! Where was the FDA when people started popping antacids like Tic-Tacs?Once again, Big Pharma is the fox in the FDA hen house, and we end up as chicken dinner.
Why Low Stomach Acid is a Common Cause of Acid Reflux… Having low stomach acid not only prevents you from being able to properly digest the food you eat, but it’s also been shown to increase your intra-abdominal pressure.When this pressure pushes against your stomach, it allows your stomach’s contents, including gastric acid, to reach your lower esophageal valve. You can think of your LES as the gatekeeper that keeps gastric acid and food in your stomach where it belongs, preventing it from traveling backwards.
How low carb diets drastically reduce Acid Reflux Symptoms… Studies show that a low carb/high fat diet can significantly improve acid reflux symptoms. This is because on overgrowth of bad bacteria has been shown to increase intra-abdominal pressure, and, therefore lead to or result in acid reflux.
What causes Low Stomach Acid?Chronic stress, frequent antibiotic use, a diet high in refined sugar and processed foods, bacterial dysbiosis, hormonal imbalances, smoking, frequent alcohol consumption, food sensitivities, high acid foods (coffee, spicy foods, citrus, mint tea, tomatoes) Frequent use of ANTACIDS….
BEST REMEDIES FOR ACID REFLUXDigestive Enzymes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Betain HCL, Mashmallow Root, Licorice Root (DGL, Aloe Vera, Ginger Root / Chamomile Tea…