90 Day Program for ‘Cindy & Marius


(Friday, SUNDAY)

Designed to reduce body fat, enhance mental performance

Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satiated, and try not to snack. Target 50-70% from healthy fats, 20% from protein, 20% vegetables (greens), and 5% starch (1/2 serving only resistance starch ‘last meal of the day to prevent high triglycerides‘).

6AM – Coffee with Brain Octane Blended for 20 sec.

6AM – 2 to 3 eggs/bacon and or avocado, 2 cups of green vegetables (baby kale, baby spinach, arugula) drizzle some olive oil, and Himalayan salt with Peppers.

2:00PM – 3 to 4 cups semi cooked green vegetables, with few cruciferous (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower), with 4oz of protein (fish, chicken, lamb, etc…) drizzle some olive oil on top of the salad, or which ever ingredients you enjoy.

8:00PM – 4oz of wild salmon, avocado, fermented olives, sauerkraut, 1/2 cup of resistant starches (optional) only if required and still hungry..



Designed for fat reduction, focus, muscle strength

You start by consuming a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. The healthy fats give you a stable current of energy, and the ultra low-toxin Bulletproof Coffee Beans optimize brain function and fat loss.

6AM – Coffee with Brain Octane Blended (or any type of caffeine drink such as green tea and or others you might enjoy)

2:00PM Is your initial first meal (from having eggs as optional or you can start right away by consuming 4oz of meat, with greens, and or 4 oz of Brie cheese only with 1/4 cup of raw nuts, and 1 cup of greens.

8:00PM Is your dinner, use your imagination, but you cannot have the same as lunch, therefore use wild salmon, lamb or chicken for protein, and use greens such as broccoli, cauliflower, semi cooked with olive oil..



Inflammation reduction

About 2 times a week, limit your protein intake to <15g to help cleanse your inner-cells without muscle loss. To keep you full and energized, consume a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning and have high fats and moderate carbs throughout the day. (Fruit serving as your last meal to prevent high Triglycerides).

Protein fasting for inflammation reduction and repair of cellular damage, while turning on your autophagy to rejuvenate your skin..

Drink your coffee, have breakfast with 1 or 2 eggs and thats all, keep your protein under <15g. and the rest of the day you can consume as much as you like greens and healthy fats, except your last meal, you will be allowed to have 1 serving of fruit or resistant starch.