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Minerals like iron in your food can, in certain inflammatory microbial environments, promote growth of pathogens like Esherichia, Shigella, and Salmonella. Maybe it wasn’t just that raw chicken that gave you food poisoning, but your toxic microbiome that made you sick. On the other hand, when you don’t have enough iron, you could become anemic […]

Choline in certain foods can get converted by bacteria into a substance called trimethylamine (TMA) that is associated with heart disease when it gets absorbed into your body and converted to TMAO. However, TMA conversion doesn’t happen in individuals without these types of bacteria in their microbiome. We can see the TMA production pathways and […]

When you think high-protein diet, you think paleo, keto, and high-performance diets. Protein is considered good for you. It helps build muscle and provide energy – but if you eat too much, it can cause inflammation and decrease longevity. We can analyze the activity of your microbiome to determine if you are eating too much […]

Just like oxalates, polyphenols in foods are usually considered very healthy, but unless you have microbes that utilize specific polyphenols, you may not get full benefit from them. One example is a substance found in these foods called ellagic acid. We can detect if your microbiome is metabolizing ellagic acid and converting it into urolithin […]

Over the past few decades, America has become the most overfed yet undernourished nation in the World. When we feel sick, we go straight to the doctor’s office, looking for a quick fix to relieve whatever aids us. And we think we are well again. We get pills for feeling dizzy, pills for feeling sad, […]