• one on one training
  • group training
  • bodyfat measuring – non-invasive
  • vitamin deficiency measruement
  • heart rate pulse wave testing
  • core training
  • resistant training
  • nutritional guidance
  • meal plans available
  • health and wellness seminars

success stories

After overcoming some serious health challenges, my weight had begun to creep up slowly and although I followed a healthy, low glycemic diet and worked out often, I feared I would never again be at the size or fitness level I desired to be.  I then made a commitment to work out with Maurice twice a week.   When I started, I was overweight, out of shape, stiff and sore, with aching joints.  Maurice gave me a food plan to follow.  he is an expert at what foods to eat and at what time of day to eat them.  They helped me safely build up my strength and endurance.

tip of the week


If you are committed this should be an easy one!  To make your goals you MUST be consistent.  From not missing workouts, weight training, and cardio, to not cheating with your eating.  Your body doesn’t care that you didn’t log the candy bar or the donut down in your daily journal – it’s going to show it.  Don’t forget hydration – your body needs and craves water consistently!  Stay consistent and you’ll stay on track!  Have a fantabulous day!!