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My Services

$145.00 – 90 minute consult

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$30.00 – 15 minute on-going support (6 month)

$25.00 – 15 minute on-going support (12 month)

$25.00 – Blood Work Request based on issue

How the Nutrition Services Work


This visit is about collecting information from you. We discuss your main health concerns, and you walk away with recommendations on foods to add to your lifestyle with the main goal of adding nutrient density to feed your body.


15-minute phone conversation (done monthly or weekly) to ensure you are on the right track, following recommendations. We might customize things further based on your diagnosis and health goals. If dietary changes are going well, then other aspects of your wellness will now be introduced. We continue on this path for 6 month to a year. We also decide if any more visits are needed.