Discover Everything That’s Preventing You From Feeling Better Now…

It you currently battle with your weight, energy, brain fog, mood, hair, skein, or ANY other health problem – this simple hair analysis test will tell you what’s really happening in your body…

What Can Hair Analysis Reveal?

Hair Mineral Analysis is the quickest and most affordable way to determine if you have heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiency – two of the primary drivers of disease today.

The truth is: there is NO WAY to reach your optimal potential for energy, vitality, longevity, beauty and even happiness… unless you detox heavy metals from your body.

I wish I had found hair mineral analysis earlier in my health journey – it would have saved me thousands of dollars and years of lost time and suffering.

“Everyone should be getting a hair mineral analysis.”

Signs you may be heavy metal toxic

Weight Problems

Stubborn fat

Slow metabolism


Hormone imbalances

Energy Problems

Difficult getting out of bed

Afternoon crashes

Feeling tired all the time

Under or overactive thyroid

Lack of motivation

Adrenal fatigue

Brain Problems

Brain fog

Difficult focusing

Low mood


Poor memory


Pain Problems

Chronic inflammation

Stiff, inflexible joints

Numbness & tingling

Chronic pain


Digestive Problems

Gas & bloating



Excess acid

Leaky gut



Immune System Problems

Allergy symptoms

Getting sick frequently

Autoimmunity conditions

Sinus infections

Yeast infections

This Test Can Transform

Your Body and Change Your Life

Here's what you'll learn when you get a hair mineral analysis test

  • You’ll learn exactly which heavy metals you have.
  • You’ll see your mineral deficiencies and which minerals you need (or don’t need) to supplement. This is what I call the sniper approach to supplementation, as opposed to a shotgun approach. Rather than randomly supplement, it’s much better to supplement only what you need.
  • You’ll see your mineral toxicities (yes, some minerals can be toxic in excess!).
  • You’ll discover which minerals and nutrients are out of balance (the ratios can be just as important as the levels).
  • And you’ll discover EXACTLY why you haven’t been able to thrive or get the results you want (yet).

Beyond minerals and metals, here are 12 more things about your health this test can reveal

A properly interpreted hair analysis can reveal various mineral imbalances that indicate a tendency for various conditions.

A hair mineral analysis provides a picture of body chemistry including:

  • Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
  • Metabolic Rate (fast or slow)
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Thyroid Function
  • Nervous System Imbalances
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Inflammation
  • Energy Levels
  • Liver and Kidney Stress
  • Carbohydrate Tolerance & Blood Sugar Imbalances like Diabetes and Insulin resistance
  • Cortisol and Stress Hormone Levels

Hair Mineral Analysis


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Sources of Heavy Metal Toxicity

While we’re exposed to countless toxins in the modern world, none are as damaging as heavy metals.

There are over 30 toxic heavy metals that negatively affect your health.

8 Most common metals that most people have in their body...

Someone with mercury amalgam fillings, sushi lovers and people that regularly eat fish in their diet… will have a lot of mercury.

If you’ve eaten conventional chickens and eggs for any period in your life, you are going to have arsenic in your body (it’s in the chicken feed).

If you smoked cigarettes, were exposed to secondhand smoke or lived near an industrial area you will have cadmium toxicity.

Thallium is 10x more toxic than mercury. Everyone is breathing it in the air from coal burning, smog and cart exhaust.

Aluminum – Found in underarm deodorant, cosmetics, dental fillings, vaccines, the air we breathe and aluminum cans.

Cesium – Nuclear fallout from Fukushima and other nuclear disasters and testing contributes to fatigue, muscle cramps, and cancers.

Nickel – Found in fast and processed foods, partially hydrogenated oils, jewelry, braces and air pollution from cars and coal burning.

Lead – Lead is ingested from lipstick, mascara and auto exhaust. It’s still in the soils from leaded gasoline (banned decades ago).

Your Body Has Been Trying To Speak To you, Now You Can Start Listening

By now, it should be clear; a hair mineral analysis test is the essential first step in your healing journey.

Without the information the test provides, it’s like you’re wandering around in the dark.

You could spend hundreds of dollars more each moth on high-quality, organic food, and still not feel any better.

You could spend thousands of dollars each year on supplements, and get little benefit from them.

you could try diet after diet, and one exercise program after another – and still not lose weight.

And you could try every possible solution for energy – from coffee to adrenal supplements and beyond, and still feel tired.

Hair Mineral Analysis

Order Today 50% on your test

$200   $99

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